Dominican Republic Cigars

The Dominican Republic is the world's first producer of cigars. Most factories are located in Santiago, in the center of the island, and in close proximity to the tobacco fields grown in the fertile Cibao Valley. While tobacco and cigars have always traditionally been produced in the Dominican Republic, many Cuban cigar makers established in the Dominican Republic after the Cuban communist revolution, elevating the quality of Dominican cigars.
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Davidoff Cigarillos were introduced in 1972 by Davidoff of Geneva. These little cigars are machine made in Denmark with a Sumatra ...
Price/Box: $16.95-$118.95
Voted Best of the Best in 2016 Robb Report, the Davidoff Escurio is a Brazilian-inspired smoke made with dark Mata Fina sun grown ...
Price/Single: $9.10-$19.20
Price/Box: $36.40-$222.00
Davidoff Grand Cru is a mild to medium bodied cigar that starts spicy, then develops woody, creamy and sweet notes throughout the ...
Price/Single: $11.60-$22.90
Price/Box: $58.00-$543.90
Price/Box: $400.00-$400.00
Davidoff Millennium Blend cigars are bolder and have fuller flavor than the original Davidoff line. This refined blend uses a spe ...
Price/Single: $13.60-$21.60
Price/Box: $66.30-$486.00
Davidoff Nicaragua is 100% Nicaraguan cigar with spicy aroma and wooden and earthy flavors with a hint of sweetness. Made in the ...
Price/Single: $11.60-$20.20
Price/Box: $58.00-$230.10
These handmade small cigars are made in the Dominican Republic using premium tobaccos from different regions: Ecuador, Nicaragua ...
Price/Box: $26.10-$130.50
Price/Box: $354.00-$1681.50
Davidoff Signature are classic, mild, elegant cigars with clean and creamy aftertaste. The traditional formats emphasize the wood ...
Price/Single: $11.50-$21.90
Price/Box: $33.00-$520.15
Davidoff pays homage again to one of the greatest cigar aficionados in history, Sir Winston Churchill. He was known to work late ...
Price/Single: $17.50-$20.10
Price/Box: $332.50-$381.90
Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars will delight your palate with roasted notes, oakwood, leather and pepper. Made in the Dominica ...
Price/Single: $11.00-$19.50
Price/Box: $55.00-$370.50
Davidoff Yamasa is the culmination of 20 years of work and determination to grow tobacco in a place where everyone said it could ...
Price/Single: $11.60-$23.90
Price/Box: $46.40-$272.50
Debonaire Day Break is an Ultra Premium cigar blended by Philip S. Zanghi, founder of Indian Tobacco Cigar Co., and Daniel Sincla ...
Price/Single: $5.70-$12.35
Price/Box: $108.00-$233.95
Debonaire Habano is made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper which has been described as a "salty, slightly peppery, fatty wrapper" ...
Price/Single: $13.00-$14.00
Price/Box: $233.95-$251.95
Debonaire Maduro is made with Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper which has been described as "sweet, savory, deep and rich like dry fr ...
Price/Single: $14.00-$14.00
Price/Box: $251.95-$251.95
Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is an exquisite cigar launched on the 135th anniversary of JC Newman's founder's birthday, Julius Cae ...
Price/Single: $10.35-$12.60
Price/Box: $201.95-$293.95
J.C. Newman Cigar Co. released Diamond Crown Maduro cigars on the celebration of their 100th anniversary in 1995. The cigar is a ...
Price/Single: $12.50-$12.50
Price/Box: $150.95-$283.95
The Diamond Crown Maximus cigar was released in 2003 as a fuller-bodied version to the original Diamond Crown. The JC Newman and ...
Price/Single: $12.70-$12.70
Price/Box: $201.95-$340.95
J.C. Newman Cigar Co. released Diamond Crown cigars on the celebration of their 100th anniversary in 1995. The cigar is a super p ...
Price/Single: $12.30-$15.60
Price/Box: $150.95-$283.95
Don Diego cigars are made in the Dominican Republic by ALTADIS and is a brand that has been around for over 40 years. They are ma ...
Price/Single: $2.28-$6.10
Price/Box: $53.95-$90.09
The Don Lino brand was launched in 1989 by Miami Cigar Co. and immediately became successful. A mild, smooth, velvety cigar made ...
Price/Single: $5.45-$5.45
Price/Box: $106.43-$121.12
Price/Box: $32.75-$32.75
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