Dominican Republic Cigars

The Dominican Republic is the world's first producer of cigars. Most factories are located in Santiago, in the center of the island, and in close proximity to the tobacco fields grown in the fertile Cibao Valley. While tobacco and cigars have always traditionally been produced in the Dominican Republic, many Cuban cigar makers established in the Dominican Republic after the Cuban communist revolution, elevating the quality of Dominican cigars.
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Price/Single: $6.90-$8.80
Price/Box: $129.95-$166.50
La Aurora Preferidos is a super premium line that uses tobaccos aged for at least 3 years before being rolled. In the case of the ...
Price/Single: $21.40-$21.40
Price/Box: $161.95-$161.95
Aged in oak barrels to acquire subtle undertones of woodiness, the select blend is hand-crafted by one of seven master rollers. T ...
Price/Single: $13.30-$18.00
Price/Box: $108.95-$249.95
Preferidos Maduro are handcrafted using only sun-grown leaves from the same priming of plants grown on the rich soil of Santiago. ...
Price/Single: $18.00-$18.00
Price/Box: $109.95-$407.95
La Aurora Puro Vintage is a rare cigar released every year with the year of the vintage. La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 features tob ...
Price/Single: $18.00-$18.60
Price/Box: $291.95-$301.95
Price/Single: $27.00-$27.00
Price/Box: $270.00-$270.00
This cigar is the culmination of the skill and craft of three generations of exper cigar-making. Master rollers carefully shape t ...
Price/Single: $18.00-$18.00
Price/Box: $108.95-$407.95
La Boheme is the 2014 release made by Boutique Blends, the company that makes the highly acclaimed Aging Room cigars. La Boheme i ...
Price/Single: $10.75-$11.80
Price/Box: $256.95-$282.95
Boutique Blends' La Boheme Encantador is a beautiful medium to full bodied cigar with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and Dominican ...
Price/Single: $10.65-$11.25
Price/Box: $169.95-$202.95
La Flor Dominicana 1994, released in 2014, is the cigar created by the company to commemorate Ines and Litto's 20th anniversary i ...
Price/Single: $7.30-$8.05
Price/Box: $145.80-$160.20
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