Understanding the status of your order

What does the status of my order mean?

The status of your order is available in your Order History after you place an order and is updated each time your order moves a step further in the process. The following list of status messages and their meanings will help you understand what's going on with your order.

New Order

Your order has been submitted and the information you entered during checkout is being processed.

Additional Information Requested 

This status could mean: a) An order has been paid for by check and remains on hold until check has cleared. b) Potentially due to missing or invalid order or payment information, your order is suspended awaiting verification from you. If your order is awaiting verification from you, you will be notified via e-mail of the reason.

Waiting for Backordered Products

One or more items in your order are currently unavailable for shipment due to late arriving inventory, special order, and customization in progress.  

Ready to Pick & Ship

Your order has been sent to our warehouse for shipment. It may be too late to cancel or modify your order once it has reached this status.

Ready to be Picked

This status is for orders that are being picked up at our retail brick and mortar stores only. It means the order has been prepared and you can now proceed to pick them up at the store. Always bring your ID and credit card to pick up as they will be verified. If you need to cancel or modify your order at this point, just contact us with your request.


For orders that are being picked by the customer at our retail brick and mortar stores, this status means that the order has already been picked up by the customer.


The items have shipped from our warehouse and are on their way to the shipping destination indicated by you during checkout. It is no longer possible to cancel or modify your order at this point.


Once an order is cancelled you can contact us to reinstate your order without having to place it again on our website.

Please note the status of your order is supplied by neptunecigar.com, and represents what is happening with your order between the time you place it and the time it ships from our warehouse. Once your order leaves our warehouse, it is handled by a third party (such as FedEx, USPS, UPS or DHL) that may provide tracking information until your order is delivered. The tracking information is accessible from your Order History on our website as soon as it becomes available.

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