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Price/Single: $9.95-$9.95
Price/Box: $88.95-$88.95
Drew Estate has blended a cigar that is unique in every way. Using Kentucky Fired Cured tobacco, traditionally used for chewing o ...
Price/Single: $2.65-$8.65
Price/Box: $11.70-$94.95
Latin for 'the night', La Nox from La Flor Dominicana features an exceptionally dark and oily Brazilian wrapper paired with a Mex ...
Price/Single: $7.45-$11.60
Price/Box: $219.60-$351.00
The Lars Tetens Grass is medium-strength cigar that is handmade in Nicaragua at the J. Fuego Cigar Company. It is a conditioned ( ...
Price/Box: $133.95-$665.95
The Lars Tetens Phat is a conditioned (flavor-infused) cigar that is hand rolled at the J. Fuego Cigar Company in Nicaragua. It i ...
Price/Box: $52.95-$308.95
The Lars Tetens Sutton Place is a conditioned (flavor-infused) cigar that is hand rolled in Nicaragua. It is a mild cigar compose ...
Price/Box: $41.95-$152.95
The Dojo Dogma was created to commemorate the anniversary of the Cigar Dojo community, which is a group of cigar aficionados who ...
Price/Single: $10.80-$10.80
Price/Box: $107.97-$107.97
The Liga Undercrown Shady is a full-strength cigar that is hand rolled in Nicaragua. It was produced by Drew Estate to celebrate ...
Price/Single: $10.40-$10.40
Price/Box: $104.00-$104.00
Monte by Montecristo opens up a new chapter for the classic Montecristo cigar brand, as did the earlier release of Romeo by Romeo ...
Price/Single: $10.25-$10.90
Price/Box: $43.95-$164.95
With a legacy that transcends generations, Monetecristo is one of the world's most well known cigar brands. Proudly offering nume ...
Price/Single: $12.05-$16.45
Price/Box: $12.40-$311.95
Traditionally, Altadis has manufactured its Montecristo cigars in the Dominican Republic. Their 2014 release, Montecristo Espada, ...
Price/Single: $12.05-$13.40
Price/Box: $59.95-$126.95
The Montecristo Platinum is a medium to full-bodied Dominican cigar manufactured by Altadis U.S.A. Featuring a dark San Andres Me ...
Price/Single: $8.25-$13.15
Price/Box: $51.95-$336.95
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