What is your opinion on flavored vs non-flavored cigars?

Are non-flavored cigars better than flavored cigars?

Not all flavored cigars are created equal. It used to be that manufacturers of flavored cigars would inject artificial flavor (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, rum, cognac, etc.) into the body of a very cheap cigar with a syringe. While this is still a very common technique used to make inexpensive flavored smokes, some cigar companies are using a different, more natural approach.

One technique involves dipping the tobacco leaves in flavor before rolling them into a cigar. Another, less-used, process is passing flavored air through the leaves as they ferment for a more subtle flavoring.

As the market for flavored cigars grows, more premium cigar manufacturers have decided to launch flavored lines. These cigars are handmade with high quality tobacco by expert cigar rollers, and the results are impressive. Also, the quality of the flavoring has improved over the years. Innovative cigar makers like Drew Estate have been infusing their tobaccos with spices, wine and all natural flavors in their Acid and Ambrosia lines. Our advice is to stay away from the cheap flavored lines, but don't dismiss a premium flavored smoke until you've tried it.

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07/24/2023AnonymousI like a free estate on occasion. Especially the deadwood series. Not all the time but once in a while they’re nice for a change. Their ambrosias are ok too.
07/09/2021AnonymousIf y smoke a cigar,y want to taste tabaco no vanilla,strawberry......a real cigarsmoker will never smoke this in my opinion.
10/19/2019AnonymousIf you haven’t tried an Acid Kuba Kuba, you’re really missing out. Don’t be an uneducated twit, try one before bad-mouthing them. Chances are both you and the non-smokers around you will like the taste and lingering aroma.
04/23/2019AnonymousTried some- were disgusting! Turns out I actually like the flavor of cigars! It reminds me of people who put sugar and cream and chemical nondairy garbage in their coffee, I don’t think they like the taste of coffee if you’re adding all that. So in my experience of trying many makers of “flavored cigars” if you like the taste and flavor of actual cigars then you will not like the artificially “flavored” cigar.
04/29/2016byShawn PI agree the new, quality flavored cigars are top notch. Haven't found an Acid cigar I don't like.
02/05/2009byDeborah DThe old line were bad but you were spot on about the acid and ambrosia (Drew Estate) cigars being a whole new breed and bear trying.