Tips for buying cigars online

What should I look for in a cigar online store?

We cannot stress this enough: only buy cigars from a trusted local retailer or a reputable online store. The convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere that the internet provides can be more enjoyable and safe than in-person shopping, however, the following guidelines should be followed:

 1) Fresh Cigars:

The online store should keep their cigars inside a humidor at ideally 70% humidity and 70 degrees F to ensure the quality of the cigars they sell. If you are unsure, contact the website and ask.

2) Fast Shipping:

The online cigar store should also offer fast shipping options to minimize the time that the cigars will spend on transit and outside of a humidor. A 2-4 day shipping option is ideal.

3) Offer Cigar Singles:

An online shop that offers cigar singles will allow you to taste a particular cigar and decide if you want to commit to buying a whole box. Always try at least 2 cigars of one brand before making a decision.

4) Secure Website:

The website you purchase from should use data encryption technology or SSL. This ensures that the information passing between your computer and the website you are purchasing from cannot be interpreted by anyone else. A reputable online store will also post their privacy policy and terms of use. When setting up an account with the store, use a password that contains both letters and numbers.

5) Personal Contact:

Look for a company that offers easy access to their customer service employees. Their personnel should be friendly and knowledgeable.

Cuban Cigars: A word of caution on Cuban Cigars that are offered online. It is illegal to purchase these cigars in the United States and you can end up paying thousands of dollars in fines. The profits for counterfeiters are enormous, so beware of the great quantity of counterfeit Cuban cigars on the market.

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07/24/2023AnonymousWhich brings us here to Neptune. One of the top three I will ever order from. Good people.
06/26/2017byMarco DThanks for your asome products and great speedy service.
04/29/2016byShawn PI appreciate that Neptune is so reputable, informed, and so committed to their customer service. My number one go-to cigar site.