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Acid Cigar
The name Acid refers to a person. Acid is the nickname of New York City artist Scott Chester, which in turn is an acronym for his company Arielle Chester Industrial Design. Acid cigars come in beautiful packaging designed by Scott with motorcycle themes.

This is truly an innovative brand. The manufacturer, Drew Estate, experimented with different tobaccos from dozens of countries to create their Acid brand. They even blended tobaccos that had never been used for cigars before. The tobaccos used on Acid cigars are laid down on pine, and aged for a minimum of 120 days. Finally, the tobaccos are then blended with a variety of oils, herbs and wine in a seven-step process.

The style of the brand is as unique as their flavor. Scott Chester says that "ACID is a cigar that appeals to an adventurous person. The ACID concept represents a lifestyle intended to depict a person who is not afraid to explore the Earth or explore life, whether on a motorcycle or in his thoughts and expressions. He's on a motorcycle, so he travels light. He can go anywhere and interact with other people. It represents freedom."

There are different blends within the Acid cigar line, distinguished by the color of the band: red, blue, gold and purple. Drew Estate guarantees to give you a unique experience every time you light up. The blend of herbs, oils and tobacco creates a taste that is so unique for this brand it has to be experienced.

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02/05/2009byDeborah DGreat way to depict Acid cigars.