Gurkha Red Witch

The Gurkha Red Witch cigar is the second cigar released by Gurkha under its subsidiary the East India Trading Company. This release is also meant to be a high quality, affordable smoke, so the company offers them in simple bulk packaging of 50 count boxes. The Red Witch is handmade with Nicaraguan and Jalapa filler tobaccos, Dominican binder and a stunning Rosado wrapper from Ecuador. Box pressed, the Red Witch is a medium bodied cigar that provides the pleasant experience you look for in an everyday cigar.
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Questions & Answers
Randy Clark  What's up with the Red Witches? I usually buy them from you guys but they seem to be disappearing everywhere. Did Gurkha stop making them? I love this cigar!
Posted 3/30/2020   
  •  Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
    Replied 3/30/2020  
  • Anonymous  Respectfully, I know it's been discontinued. You've already stated it's been discontinued. I wanted to know why Neptune has discontinued it. When you people give short, redundant, obvious answers to customer's questions it gives the opinion you simply don't care.
    Replied 3/30/2020  
  •  Randy, we mean no disrespect. When you see the message "This item has been discontinued" it's because the manufacturer(Gurkha) has stopped making it. At this time Gurkha Cigars is focusing on their core brands. If you enjoyed Red Witch, Gurkha Real(special order) or Gurkha Challenge are two other offerings with great pricing you might like to try.
    Replied 3/31/2020  
  • Randy Clark  Thank you. I'll give them a try.
    Replied 3/31/2020  
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