How to operate your Little Havana Hygrometer

How do I set up and use my Little Havana Hygrometer?
Little Havana Digital Hygro-Thermometer is a precision electronic instrument that measures Temperature and Relative Humidity.
   Range: Temperature- 30 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius
               Humidity: 10% to 99% R.H.
   Accuracy: Temperature +/-1 degree Celsius
                   Humidity +/-1.5% R.H.
   Battery: AG13 or LR44
1)Open the battery compartment and remove the battery safety tape.
2)Temperature readings can be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit by pressing the C/F button.
3)The LCD Display shows the current readings.
4)To Display Maximum/Minimum Reading:
   Press "Max" and "Min" buttons
5)Resetting to Current Reading
   Press the "Max" and "Min" buttons first and then press "Reset" button.
6)The magnets on the back can be used to attach the unit to the lid of your humidor.

By Luzzie Normand
Co-Founder & Editor; Neptune Cigars Inc.
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I want to know how to adjust the reading. I did bovida test, it should have read 75 but it read 72, need to bump it up by 3. Is it adjustable? No one mentions this. Thanks.