CAO Cigar Ratings

CAO cigars have obtained some of the highest ratings of non-Cuban cigars in the world, even surpassing in critical review some of the most established and best loved Cuban brands. CAO appeals to a new generation of cigar smokers who want flavorful, medium to full bodied cigars.
The ratings are too long to list, so we've chosen the most recent ones for this article.
Cigar Aficionado Ratings (90-94 Outstanding, 80-89 Very Good to Excellent)
CAO Italia Positano, 88 (Aug 2008)
CAO Brazilia Chango, 89 (Jun 2008)
CAO Gold Corona, 88 (Apr 2008)
Smoke Magazine Ratings
CAO Italia Gondola, 9.4 Excellent (Summer 2007)
CAO Gold Perfecto, 9.0 Excellent (Spring 2008)
If you want to taste this excellent brand of cigars, you can purchase a CAO Commemorativo Sampler, a taster of the seven finest CAO cigars, which includes a documentary on their production from seed to the factory. Hurry while supplies last!
By Luzzie Normand
Co-Founder & Editor; Neptune Cigars Inc.
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