Gurkha Beast

Gurkha Cigars likes to craft some mighty strong sticks, and the Beast is no exception. It is composed of a muscular, dark and imposing Costa Rican maduro wrapper that covers a Dominican binder and a filler composed of long-leaves from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. This carefully selected blend combines to deliver bold, rich flavors of tobacco and spice with an earthy undertone. It is hand crafted in Costa Rica. The Gurkha Beast pairs well with scotch or bourbon.
If you’re a fan of potent sticks or have been wanting to try them, then the Gurkha Beast 10-Cigar Sampler is just what you’re looking for. Tucked inside its clear plastic case are ten toro-sized Beasts that sport a dark, delicious Costa Rican wrapper, which shrouds a Dominican binder and long-fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. This four-nation blend delivers a powerhouse of flavors that includes spice and earth with a rich tobacco base. The Beast pairs well with scotch or bourbon. The Gurkha Beast 10-Cigar Sampler is handmade in Costa Rica. Gift boxed.
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full bodied
good flavor
bad construction
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John C.06/13/2021About: Gurkha Beast 10-Cigar Sampler
These seem like a nice cigar, but out of the 10, 8 were very hard draw. It made it hard to evaluate the taste.
Adam C.05/10/2021About: Gurkha Beast 10-Cigar Sampler
About the only decent thing I have to say about these are they come in a neat plastic holder. Beyond that, out of the box of 10, I've had 4. All of them burned unevenly, went out, and their draw could be compared to trying to drink a completely frozen milkshake. I'm not sure even a vacuum cleaner could have gotten a consistent draw on these.
Wayne H.12/15/2020About: Gurkha Beast 10-Cigar Sampler
Definitely a Beast. Very spicy from start to finish with a good even burn but was surprised how quickly I finished it (probably because it was so good). Looking forward to the rest of the pack,