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The 601 Serie Red Label is a full bodied cigar with superb aroma and flavor. 601 Habano is handmade by Pepin Garcia with aged Ni ...
Price/Single: $6.75-$7.15
Price/Box: $118.50-$135.00
601 La Bomba was created by Erik Espinosa and made in a beautiful little factory in the foothills of Esteli Nicaragua called La Z ...
Price/Single: $8.55-$9.90
Price/Box: $66.95-$94.95
The blue banded 601 is the box press edition of the 601 Serie. Handmade in Nicaragua by Pepin Garcia, it is an exquisite blend of ...
Price/Single: $7.20-$8.05
Price/Box: $127.95-$143.95
Aging Room Bin No. 1 was released in 2014 by Boutique Blends. The cigar is handmade using aged tobacco cultivated between 1999 an ...
Price/Single: $10.50-$14.76
Price/Box: $188.95-$255.00
Aging Room Pelo de Oro is a fantastic cigar introduced by Boutique Blends in 2016. Made by AJ Fernandez in Nicaragua, the cigar o ...
Price/Single: $13.15-$13.15
Price/Box: $130.95-$130.95
The Aging Room Pura Cepa is a 100% Nicaraguan puro, appropriately so, since the name of this blend translates to 'pure bred'. Cra ...
Price/Single: $11.25-$12.15
Price/Box: $225.00-$243.00
Aging Room Quattro F55 has been blended by Jochi Blanco of Tabacalera La Palma in the Dominican Republic and distributed by brand ...
Price/Single: $9.15-$9.70
Price/Box: $161.95-$193.20
The Aging Room Quattro F55M takes the hugely successful F55 and trades the Sumatra wrapper for a stunning Mexican San Andres wrap ...
Price/Single: $9.65-$10.10
Price/Box: $95.95-$99.95
Aging Room Small Batch Fortissimo is made with Dominican tobacco that has been aged over 14 years. The Fortissimo line is release ...
Price/Single: $13.90-$13.90
Price/Box: $124.95-$124.95
Panter specialises in the smaller size quality cigars, and is therefore characterised by a number of distinctive products. Carefu ...
Price/Box: $12.77-$92.95
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