Baccarat The Game Candela

This limited production of Baccarat Candela is a Neptune Cigar's exclusive. You will not find this cigar anywhere else. A handmade long filler, Baccarat cigars are the highest quality cigar available in its field and price range. The mild bodied Baccarat The Game Candela boasts a light green Candela wrapper with a sweetened tip that is perfect.
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Questions & Answers
Mike  Is it long or short filler tobacco
Posted 5/28/2016   
  •  This cigar contains long filler.
    Replied 5/31/2016  
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John M Bressler  Do you still carry the Baccarat Churchill Candela?
Posted 11/28/2015   
  •  Sorry, we sold out and this product is discontinued. We only have the Rothschild left.
    Replied 11/29/2015  
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