Camacho Cigars Company

Information about cigar manufacturer Camacho Cigars

Camacho Cigars is a privately-held, vertically-integrated business. The company owns tobacco farms in the Jamastran Valley, Honduras and in Nicaragua, as well as leaf curing and box making facilities. The Jamastran Valley in Danli, Honduras is known for its rich soil that gives strong, full bodied tobaccos. The factory is run by Julio Eiroa, a second-generation Cuban tobacco grower, who started the business in the 1970s. Christian Eiroa, Julio’s son, runs the Miami-based distribution company. Together they make a very successful team.

They are the makers of premium handmade cigars such as Baccarat The Game, Baccarat Casino Vintage Selection, Camacho and La Fontana, all of which have received excellent ratings in Cigar Aficionado magazine. In total, Caribe manufactures 16 different cigar brands.

The Eiroas consider that the success of their business is based on their commitment to quality cigars, reasonable competitive pricing, and customer satisfaction. There is no denying that their cigars are indeed of superb quality and craftmanship.

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