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Baccarat The Game and Baccarat Casino Selection are brands owned by Camacho Cigars. They are manufactured in Honduras at their Tabacos Ranchos Jamastran factory. The name Baccarat comes from an old cigar brand made in Cuba in the 19th century, probably at the Upmann factory. The Baccarat Havana “The Game” cigars were introduced in 1978 and Baccarat Casino Vintage Selection in 1999. The secret of the success of Baccarat may very well be its fine construction, mild flavor and affordable price.
The Baccarat The Game cigars come in 13 sizes and uses a traditional blend of Honduran binders and fillers and Jamastran Connecticut Gold wrapper. They use a Jamastran maduro wrapper for the Baccarat Maduro. The Baccarat Casino Vintage are rolled in a Jamastran Cameroon seed wrapper. They are sweetened at the tip with special glucose glue on the cap.
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03/13/2019AnonymousBaccarat is my favor cigar of all cigars. I have smoked many brand names, but Baccarat still my brand.