My cigars are really soft, what should I do?

My cigars are really soft, what should I do?

This seems like a simple question, but the answer is not that simple. What does it mean when a cigar is really soft? If the cigar was fine when you purchased it, but has become soft inside your humidor, it probably means that the cigar is absorbing too much humidity. An overly moist cigar may have a moldy taste, and will be difficult to light or keep lighted. We obviously don't want that, so what's the solution? As with all things, first be patient. Next, ask yourself the following questions:

What is the humidity level inside the humidor? The humidity level should be ideally 70%. If it is over 73%, you can a) leave the humidor open for a couple of days; b) take the humidifier out for a couple of days; c) if using a Credo-type humidifier, recharge the humidifier with 50/50 Activation Solution.

How do I know my hygrometer is displaying the correct humidity? If you haven't tested your hygrometer's calibration in a while, please do so now. Although digital hygrometers can't be adjusted easily, you even want to test a digital hygrometer if you never have before, just to make sure it's not lying to you.

Are all the cigars soft, or only those close to the humidifier? If the cigars that are too soft are close to the humidifier, move these away from the humidifier.

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08/17/2022AnonymousHave been smoking the Olivia Connecticut Reserve, Double Toro 6”, and intend to continue with this mild/medium stick. I highly recommend it….
04/29/2016byShawn PSo very helpful! I'm enjoying all of the informational videos. Keep it up!