La Vieja Habana Cigars

Information about La Vieja Habana cigars

Drew Estate started their cigar operations with the La Vieja Habana brand. At the time, the cigars were handrolled by Antonio Almanzar in a small store called La Rosa in Manhattan. The cigars were an instant hit and were introduced at the RTDA show in 1997. By the end of 1997, increased sales had begun to overwhelm Almanzar and his two rollers. Drew Estate decided to move production to Nick Perdomo’s factory in Nicaragua.

For a few years, Drew Estate concentrated on building their own factory in Nicaragua and the development of their other cigar brands, Natural, Acid and Ambrosia which caused them to stop making La Vieja Habana. In 2002, they released for the second time their first brand which has quickly become popular due to the demands of today’s cigar industry: a quality smoke at a low price.

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