How to use your account

How do I use my account?
Your account allows you to manage the newsletters you wish to receive, keep track of your smoke rings, view your order history and more. When you login to your account using your email address and the password you chose to register, you will view a page that contains the following features:


Your profile contains information such as name, email address, password, and newsletter preferences. Click on "Modify Profile" to change your personal information, email address and password. You may also subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletters. 

Your Address Book

Save and edit as many addresses as you need for a quicker and easier checkout.

Your Credit Cards
Add, edit and delete credit cards on your account.
Order History

View all your past orders, check the status of an order, or print a receipt.
Your SmokeRings 

View your current Smoke Rings balance. Smoke Rings are reward points that you earn every time you make a purchase at!
Redeem Your Smoke Rings
Use this tool to redeem products using your Smoke Rings and add them to your cart.
Favorite Products

If you see something that you like while browsing our site, you can save them on your account for later viewing or purchasing. Later, go to Favorite Products on your account to view them.

Wish List

Keep a list of the products you want in one convenient place.

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