How to Use your Cigar Caddy?

How do I setup my Cigar Caddy or any sealed cigar travel case?

With proper care your Cigar Travel case will provide years of reliable storage for your fine cigars.

The instructions for use are very dependant upon the environment in which you live and how often you open your case. We will provide some guidelines as a starting point but you may need to make some adjustments for your personal use.

  1. Open your Cigar Travel Case and lay it so that the lid is flat.
  2. Put three or four drops of distilled water, or cigar humidifier solution, onto the center of the humidification device. If you live in a very dry climate you may want to start with six to eight drops. If you live in a very humid climate use only two or three drops.
  3. In a dry climate you may need to add a couple of drops every week to maintain a satisfactory level of moisture.
  4. In a humid climate you may only need to add a drop or two every three to four weeks.
  5. Allow your Cigar case to sit for 5 minutes before closing the lid.
  6. Place cigars in protective foam layers and insert into the case.
  7. Check to make sure there is no debris on the seal of the Case.
  8. Close the Cigar Travel Case and you are set to go.

Check cigars periodically to assure that the moisture in the Case is staying at a satisfactory level. If your cigars are too moist, leave box open for a few hours to allow some of the moisture to escape. If they are starting to get too dry add a few more drops to the humidification device or add drops more often. View our Cigar Travel Case Selection selection.

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