How to Choose a Cigar Ashtray

Ashtrays are an absolute necessity for smokers, unfortunately there isn't much to choose from these days. It seems a lot of manufacturers have stopped producing new ashtray designs, some have been discontinued, and we must adapt to the times.
The most exciting cigar ashtray that has appeared in the recent years is the metal Stinky Cigar Ashtray. This asthray was designed by Stinky, a cigar aficionado who became tired of emptying his ashtray several times during an evening smoking with friends. He decided to design a big metal bowl with several large cigar rests so that he and his friends could enjoy their cigars unconcerned about the heap of ashes and cigar butts accumulating below. The bowl is large enough to hold a lot of ashes, and the cigar rests will temporarily hold the cigar for you while you go into the kitchen to get a beer. Now that's convenience!
Glass ashtrays have been very popular since they were first produced. This is no surprise, as glass is absolutely perfect for ashes. Glass, and particularly crystal, can be thoroughly cleaned very easily. It also resists stains and high temperatures. Glass also goes well with any decor.
Ceramic ashtrays are also smooth and easy to clean. Even though they are fragile, they create a more modern and casual look than glass ashtrays, which are more traditional.
You must also consider size when buying an ashtray. Do you usually smoke alone? Do you have limited space on your desk or table? Do you frequently gather with others for an after dinner smoke? These are the questions to ponder when choosing the size of your ashtray.

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