Growing Wrapper Tobacco

As far as wrapper is concerned, tobacco has to be picked leaf by leaf. It's a tough work, it's generally in summer time, workers have to be careful not to break leaves. Connecticut growers have invented a very helpful machine to collect the leaves, avoiding to much people walking in the tobacco rows. A 2ft wide belt is laid down between two rows of plants. One end is attached to a core set in action by pedals like the rear wheel of a bicycle. Only one worker goes in the row, picks the 2 or 3 leaves from each plant and puts down the leaves flat on the belt. Once he reaches the end of the row, a guy starts pedaling, rolling up the belt around the core while two people, one each side of the belt, remove the leaves and put them into baskets. At the picking season, you can see tens of these machines aligned on the edge of the fields.

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