Groomsmen gift ideas

What kinds of gifts do you recommend for my wedding?

The tradition of having groomsmen at weddings dates back to the marriage by capture times. The young man who captured a bride would be aided by his close friends. The best man and his friends would not only help to abduct the bride, but they would also help the young lovers hide for one moon cycle (honeymoon!) from the wrath of the lady’s kinsmen and even fight them off if they had to. The tradition remains today for the groom to choose his ushers and best man among his closest friends. The groom is expected to give a special gift to his groomsmen as a symbol of his gratitude for being there for him at the wedding. Cigars and accessories have been part of this tradition for hundreds of years.

There are many possibilities when it comes to preparing a cigar related gift for your wedding party. If you’re feeling generous, you can assemble a humidor gift set containing a travel humidor, a bottle of activation solution and a cigar cutter. Another neat set could be a leather pouch with three different premium cigars inside. There are many inexpensive premiums out there to fill the cigar cases with, especially if you buy cigar bundles.

You can also use our interactive sampler maker to make your own assortment of cigars you would like to offer your groomsmen. If you need advice from a cigar expert about which are the best cigars to choose from do not hesitate to contact us. We can also provide personalized items such as cigar tubes printed with the bride and groom’s names and the date of the wedding. The cigar tubes can be offered with a cigar inside that the groom and his friends can enjoy at the wedding reception. There are also many gift boxed items such as cigar cutters and lighters and our selection of cigar gift sets that are great for the occasion.

You can also give cigars as wedding favors. A cigar with a personalized band with the brand and groom’s name is guaranteed to be a hit, provided that it is a good, premium cigar. If you are interested in a personalized cigar box to give away to your guests, contact us. We will love to help you find the perfect gift for such a special day!

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