About Matt Booth Room 101/Caldwell Cigars

If there's one thing better than having a cigar mastermind blend a new release, it's having two of them join forces to completely hit it out of the park. After a short hiatus from the world of tobacco, Matt Booth of Room 101 has triumphantly returned to the fold, and he decided he didn't want to show up alone. Seeking the assistance of respected industry veteran Robert Caldwell, the pair came up with their first collaborative brand, Hit & Run, an exciting offering that grabbed the attention of smokers everywhere.

Originally meant as a personal 'for-fun' project for Booth, it wasn't until Caldwell threw in his contribution and the cigar saw the light of day that the two had to admit that it was something special worthy of releasing not only to the public, but as a recurring line. In fact, it was after the Hit & Run came to be that Booth was allured back into the industry he had recently departed from. The passion and dedication exhibited in the creation of the experimental blend was enough to remind him of the original reason he had fallen in love with the cigar world to begin with, and working alongside Caldwell was a refreshing and inspiring opportunity compared to the gripes in dealing with FDA regulations and other business nuisances that played a part in Booth's farewell. Thankfully, however, for Matt Booth and Caldwell, it is once again all about the art.

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