USA Cigars

Production of cigars in the United States, once a thriving industry, is now mainly machine made cigars. They are still being produced in the last remaining cigar factory from the 1890s, the JC Newman Cigar factory in Tampa. However, in recent years boutique brands have flourished and are being handmade by select rollers in Miami, Florida.
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Trader Jack's cigars are satisfying vanilla rum flavored cigars at under $1.50 a stick. Need we say more?
Price/Box: $22.95-$46.95
Warped Cigars' founder Kyle Gellis dedicated (and named) this cigar after his father, Don Reynaldo, who was the reason he got int ...
Price/Single: $13.70-$15.50
Price/Box: $134.95-$155.00
Spanish for 'The Beehive', La Colmena from Warped Cigars is manufactured at the famed El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami, Florid ...
Price/Single: $13.25-$17.00
Price/Box: $129.95-$170.00
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