Camacho Powerband

Camacho Powerband is blended with an Ecuadorean Habano 2000 wrapper, a dark Mexican San Andres Negro binder, and in the filler Honduran Corojo, Esteli Corojo Ligero, Dominican San Vicente ligero, San Vicente Viso and Piloto Cubano. The band and packaging are inspired from the adrenaline-filled world of motorcycles and suggests a hold-on-to-your-seat full bodied experience. This cigar is hand rolled using a new technique developed by the factory for this cigar. The technique is said to use both the accordion-style of rolling cigars with the entubado technique popular in Cuba.
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Questions & Answers
Dan  Do you plan to stock these by the box? I know you have boxes of them in the Tubos but I really don’t want to pay extra for a tube I don’t want or need.
Posted 2/6/2019   
  •  We're sorry, but the box of Robusto without the tubes is no longer available.
    Replied 2/7/2019  
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