Camacho Double Shock

Camacho Double Shock Limited Edition 2014 is a blend handrolled in barber pole style with two different tobacco wrappers, a brown Ecuadorean Habano and a dark San Andres Mexican Maduro. The use of the two wrappers intertwined not only makes this stick very attractive, but also very unique tasting as you will be able to experience these two very popular tobacco wrappers in one shot. The binder is a Criollo tobacco that adds spice and sweetness to the mix. Filler tobaccos include leaves from Honduras, Dominican Republic and USA. The cigar is medium to full. Only 1000 boxes of each size have been produced.
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Questions & Answers
Tony Lloyd  Can you notify me when the bundle of 20 come in stock?
Posted 9/29/2020   
  •  Unfortunately we do not believe this cigar will return anytime soon.
    Replied 9/29/2020  
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JS  Are these unbanded bundles?
Posted 8/3/2020   
  •  That is correct
    Replied 8/3/2020  
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