Willy Herrera: From Banker to Drew Estate’s Master Blender

Before he joined Drew Estate and started crafting memorable blends, such as the Norteno, Willy Herrera worked in banking as a loan processor. However, being born and raised in Miami, Florida and of Cuban descent, the allure of cigars was always calling him. His wife’s family owned a cigar factory in Miami called El Titan de Bronze. He soon left banking and got involved with the family enterprise. He learned how to craft cigars from the seasoned rollers that worked at the factory. As his knowledge of cigars and tobacco grew, Willy started developing his own blends and sell them at the factory’s retail shop. At a trade show, he met Jonathan Drew. Eventually, Drew asked him to join Drew Estate as a blender and develop cigars for him. Willy jumped on the offer. Soon he was creating big hits under the Herrera Esteli brand.
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