Why hasn't my order been shipped?

Why hasn't my order been shipped?

We try our best to ship your order within 24 hours. However, there are several reasons why your order may have been delayed:

  1. You did not use the correct billing address in the order form. You must use the address to which your credit card statement is mailed. This is verified by the bank and your order will not be accepted if the address does not match. Please check your address.
  2. You used an incorrect email or telephone number and we were unable to verify the purchase. You must always use a current email or telephone number. If you are concerned about privacy issues, please read our Privacy Policy. We do not share information with others, period.
  3. We are waiting for your response on an email that was sent about your order. Please check your junk mail or spam mail folder. To ensure you receive our emails, please add neptunecigar.com to your Safe Sender's list.

Generally, we attempt to contact you by email to notify you of the problem; however, we may have been unable to contact you. This is for your protection as well as our own. Please be aware that status information is updated every evening.

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09/01/2022byJustin DGreat info!