The Robusto Vitola: The Ideal Cigar Size

It's a fact! Cigar aficionados are very loyal to their cigars. Some cigar enthusiasts base their loyalty on the brand. Others on the strength, wrapper, blend, country of origin, etc. Still others will smoke a cigar if it is of a specific vitola (size and shape). 

And in the world of cigars, there are many, many, many cigars of various shapes and sizes. While there is not one size fits all in the cigar world, there is one vitola can appeal to all cigar lovers. It is the humble robusto.

Also known as a short Churchill, traditionally the robusto is 5.5 inches long and with a 50-ring gauge. Over the years, cigar makers have strayed from that standard. Now you can find cigars that range anywhere from 3.5” * 50 such as the Quorum Shade Short Robusto up to the 5.5” * 54 such as the Laranja Reserva Robusto Extra. And some are short and thick like the NUb Connecticut 460, which measures 4" * 60. But what is it about the robusto that makes it special?

The robusto is an ideal vitola for several reasons (here are just a few):

  1. Testing. The robusto is an excellent choice if you are trying out a cigar outside of your brand or flavor portfolio. It is long and thick enough that you will be able to pick the blend’s main and underlying flavors. Or if you want to compare similar blends between brands, the robusto is your go-to vitola.
  2. Draw. Typically, a robusto does not have the same draw issues as cigars that are much longer.
  3. Time. The robusto is neither too short nor too long. It can be enjoyed in a reasonable amount of time.
  4. Price. The robusto is the least expensive cigar in a brand’s wheelhouse.
  5. Storage. It is easier to carry and store a robusto-sized cigar. They fit in a shirt pocket, purse, or you can store them in just about any cigar case or travel humidor.

At Neptune Cigars, we have more than 1,300 robusto-sized cigars from which you can choose. Just click robusto.

To help you cut the list down to size, we prepared this brief list of some our best sellers:
  • La Aroma de Cuba Robusto 5"1/4 * 54  
  • Oliva Serie V Double Robusto 5"*54
  • Flor de las Antillas Robusto 5"*50
  • Cain Maduro 550 5"3/4 * 50
  • Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully 5" * 50  
  • NUb Connecticut 460 4" * 60

In conclusion, if you’re looking to “size up” a new cigar, we suggest you choose a robusto.


Published on May 5, 2023