Short Cigars for a Long Hot Summer

Are short cigars okay to smoke during the summer? The short answer is Yes!  

While it is true smoking short cigars is something you do in the winter months, a short length cigar with a small ring gauge can be enjoyed in the summer, the winter, or all year long for that matter!

The real question is which short cigars should I smoke during the long summer months? It’s really up to you, your palate, and brand preferences. 
For starters, we prepared this brief list of some of the more popular short cigars:

Cigarillo: The classic cigarillo is 4in. x 26 ring gauge, but it can be anything under 6in. and 29 ring gauge.

We Suggest:
Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Club 4" * 23 – A classic, mild cigar that can be enjoyed with your
morning coffee. 
Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Sweet 5" * 29 – A wallet-friendly cigar with a sweet profile and
birchwood tip. 
Romeo y Julieta 1875 Julieta 4"7/8 * 28 – A warm, mild smoke with a long-sweet finish. 

Petite Corona: This size is like a corona, but shorter, typically under 5 inches with ring gauges of 40 to 44

We Suggest:
Davidoff Winston Churchill Petite Corona  4"1/2 * 41 - This medium bodied smoke offers balanced notes of spice, wood, and chocolate.
Java Red Petite Corona  4"1/2 * 38 - A medium-bodied flavor infused cigar that delivers delicious notes of coffee with hints of cherry and cocoa
Don Lino Africa Kudu Petite Corona 4" * 44 - This medium bodied smoke offers balanced notes of spice, wood, and chocolate.

Corona: The corona size is typically 5.5in. with a ring gauge of 40 to 44.

We Suggest:
H. Upmann 1844 Special Edition Barbier Corona 5" * 44 – A medium bodied smoke with an eye-catching barber pole wrapper that telegraph’s its complexity. 
Blackened M81 Cigars by Drew Estate Corona 5" * 43 – This potent cigar is perfect if you’re looking for a cigar with a deep, dark side. 
La Galera Imperial Jade Corona 5"1/2 * 44 – A medium bodied cigar with a creamy and spicy profile and lush Cameroon wrapper.   

Robusto is also known as a short Churchill: Traditionally, it measures 5 to 5.5in. by a 50 ring gauge.

We Suggest:
Cohiba Riviera Robusto Box-Pressed 5" * 52 – This medium to full-bodied cigar provides a luxurious smoking indulgence. 
Ozgener Aramas A52 5" * 52  –  A flavorful cigar that was crafted to honor Cano Ozgener, a master cigar crafter who owned and operated CAO cigars back in the day. 
Liga de la Casa Connecticut by Kafie 1901 Robusto 5" * 50 – Looking for a great everyday cigar at a budget-friendly price? Your search is over. 

Panatela: This once very popular thin format can range from 5 1/2 to 6 7/8in. long by 35 to 39 ring gauge.

We Suggest:
La Palina Goldie Laguito No. 2 6" * 38 – This flavorful and expertly hand crafted cigar is dedicated to the women in the cigar industry. 
Toscano Garibaldi 6"1/8 * 38 – A medium bodied smoke that features premium Kentucky Fire Cured tobacco. 
Baccarat Havana The Game Panetela 6" * 38 – A wallet-friendly cigar with a sweetened tip made by Davidoff? It really doesn’t get any better than this. 

There you have it. Our short and sweet list of some of the best shorties you can enjoy all summer long and beyond. 

Published on July 23, 2023.