The panatela vitola was named after the Spanish word used to describe a long, slender biscuit. Typically, a panatela cigar can range from 5 1/2 to 6 7/8 inches long by 35 to 39 ring gauge. Long, lean, and with a sophisticated look, the panatela was initially intended for women cigar smokers. However, men have been known to enjoy it too. This vitola is considered difficult to roll because it does not use as much filler as its heftier cousins. The panatela tends to have a loose or tight draw, which could greatly impact the quality of the smoke. It is why the panatela is rolled only by the most skilled torcedores (rollers).

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06/14/2020bySemois_Ligero .Indeed, there is something truly extraordinary about this vitola. As it's been said; if you think you know a blend, try it in a panatela/lancero and taste that wrapper come to life...Thank God for women ??????