Cigars can get moldy just like bread. If exposed to too much humidity, cigars will develop mold, which is essentially a fungus. The mold will be most noticeable at the foot of the cigar. It resembles a fuzzy, greenish matter, similar to the mold on bread. Cigars can develop fungus at the factory or even in your humidor. If you notice the mold early on you may be able to save it. If the mold is on the surface of the wrapper and has not spread to the cigar's interior, the cigar's flavor may not be affected. To help reduce the chances of your cigars from getting moldy, inspect and rotate them regularly. If your humidor has mold, clean it by using a little bit of warm water, antibacterial soap and a sponge. Once cleaned, let the humidor dry out before placing your cigars back in it.

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