Making a Case for Cigar Cases

If you’re a cigar lover who’s constantly on the go, you likely want to take your favorite smokes with you. But you want to keep them safe and properly conditioned without having to lug around a bulky humidor. So, what do you do? 

Consider the cigar case. These lightweight cases are made to safely carry your cigars and keep them fresh. Some have a leather or wood exterior with a Spanish cedar interior and dividers. Others are made of a durable, lightweight carbon fiber material. Most of them feature a small humidifier and can fit cigar sizes up to a Churchill (7” * 48). You can get cigar cases that fit two, three or up to five cigars. Plus, a lot of the top cigar makers offer their own specially branded cases.

Neptune Cigars recognizes your need to take your cigars wherever you go, it is why we offer a wide range of cigar cases that will suit your style and please your wallet. To find your case, click  Cigar Cases