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Macanudo was originally the name of a frontmark produced in Jamaica by the makers of the Cuban brand of Punch. In 1971, General Cigar Co. introduced a new cigar named Macanudo as a brand unto itself. Developed in Jamaica under the creative leadership of Ramón Cifuentes, the legendary Cuban cigar master of Partagas, Macanudo soon became a leading premium cigar and remains so today.

The cigars are crafted exclusively in the Dominican Republic. There are three distinctive blends within the Macanudo brand: Café, Maduro and Robust. Each Macanudo Café cigar is made with the finest Connecticut Shade wrapper, a flavorful blend of Dominican tobaccos and a select binder grown in the rich St. Andrés Tuxtla Valley of Mexico.

Introduced in the 1970s, Macanudo Maduro cigars were made with the choicest wrapper leaves grown in the San Andrés Tuxtla Valley of Mexico. In response to the growing demand for full-flavored cigars, an even richer Macanudo Maduro was developed and introduced in 1999. Today, Macanudo Maduro cigars are crafted with thoroughly aged Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers, which are grainier, oilier and even more flavorful than the previous wrappers from Mexico. In fact, only two of the many tobacco farms in the Connecticut River Valley yield Broadleaf tobacco leaves that meet the high standards for Macanudo Maduro.

Initially introduced to the cigar market in 1998, the original Macanudo Robust addressed consumer taste preferences at that time. Macanudo Robust was an immediate success offering consumers a fuller-tasting version of Macanudo. Over the next five years, consumer's tastes evolved and Macanudo Robust changed to meet the expectations of the Macanudo smoker. The new Macanudo Robust, introduced in 2003, offers consumers a full-bodied version of Macanudo that is more flavorful and complex. Crafted by Cigar Master, Daniel Nuñez, the new Macanudo Robust is a blend constructed with only the darkest Connecticut Shade wrapper grown on Macanudo-owned Connecticut River Valley farms. To achieve a more flavorful cigar, Daniel combines the sweetness of a Connecticut Broadleaf binder with a fuller-flavored blend of Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Every size of Macanudo Robust now comes square-pressed. Macanudo Robust is now more flavorful than ever while still capturing the quality and consistency that consumers expect from the Macanudo brand.


By Luzzie Normand
Co-Founder & Editor; Neptune Cigars Inc.
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