Johnathan Drew’s Cigar Kiosk

In 1995, Johnathan “J.D.” Drew, the founder of Drew Estate Cigars and creator of memorable cigars such as ACID, Liga Privada and Liga Undercrown, opened his first cigar shop in “The Mall at The World Trade Center” in New York City. It was a sixteen square feet kiosk, and he called it the “QC Cigar Company.” The “QC” stood for “Queen’s Counsel” since Drew was studying law at the time. However, he told everyone it stood for “Quality Control.” Eventually, J.D. closed the shop and dove into the cigar industry and became a globally recognized cigar crafter. In 2007, he built the La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, a 96,000 square feet cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. If you want to enjoy some of Drew Estate’s finest, you won’t need to travel far, just click Liga Privada or Liga Undercrown.
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