How to view redeemable items on the Smoke Rings Program

Is it possible to view a listing of available items to redeem with Smoke Rings?

Yes, there is a way to view a list of available items to redeem.  Go to Your Account, then click on Redeem Your Smoke Rings on the left-side menu. This page has a search box where you can type in the name or keyword for an item (for example “cutter” will show you a listing of all cutters and the smoke rings needed to redeem them).

Note: Gift with purchase offers are not available when a product is redeemed on our website.

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01/11/2024AnonymousYou guys awesome
01/10/2024byCeanothus GGreat sticks arrive fresh and ready to smoke
08/12/2021AnonymousThe smoke ring program is the most generous kickback available. If you buy 10 different stogies for $100 you get $5 for the sale and if you review the cigars you get another dollar for every cigar you review, so in this scenario you get 15% kickback on your $100!! That is amazing. Great company. I now will not buy from another supplier. This is the gold standard of cigar merchants.
04/03/2016byEdward OWhere there are no smoke ring points identified, does that mean it takes all the points you have earned?