How to place an order

How can I place an order? Is it safe to order using your website?

You can safely place your order using our website's fast and easy checkout. All information you provide is encrypted using SSL3 encryption, the safest encryption method to date. Thus, the information cannot be read by anyone while being transmitted via the Internet. Our website is also PCI Certified. To be PCI certified, we must pass more than 2,000 quaterly security tests, which probe all of the known methods and tricks hackers use to steal credit cards.

If you prefer to order by fax, please send us your order to 305-675-7887.

You may also place your order using our encrypted chat service. Just click on the Live Help button that appears on the lower right corner of our website. To place your order by phone, please call 1-800-655-3385 during business hours.

We are concerned about your privacy. The information you provide to us is used strictly by authorized personnel for the purposes of fulfilling your orders. WE DO NOT SELL, RENT OR GIVE ANY INFORMATION TO THIRD PARTIES.

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