How to Make an X-Cut

If you like large ring gauge cigars, sometimes using a perfect-cutter, guillotine, or cigar scissors won’t cut it. You could opt for a punch cutter, but they usually leave a small opening and make it difficult to get a good draw. So instead of huffing and puffing, you might want to try making an X-cut. How do you make an X-cut? Easy! Take a V-cutter (aka wedge or cat’s eye-cutter) and make a cut. Try a cold draw. If the air flows easily you’re done. If not, make another cut by bisecting the first cut in the middle to form an “X” or a “Cross.” This should open up the cigar so you will get a nice effortless draw. If your old cutter is no longer cutting the mustard? We suggest you visit our extensive collection of cigar cutters.
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