How to Finish

If you’ve been around cigar lounges long enough, you most likely have heard of the term “finish” being tossed around. What does it mean? Simply put, a finish is the flavor that stays on your palate after taking a puff. To get a cigar’s finish, take a puff. Let the smoke sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Slowly exhale it. Pay attention to the flavors that linger in your mouth. There are two types of finish: short and long. Milder cigars have a short finish, which means the flavors fade quickly. On the other hand,  full-bodied cigars have distinct flavors that stay on your palate long after you have exhaled the smoke. The [NEED LINK TO DAVIDOFF WINSTON CHURCHILL LATE HOUR BRAND PAGE] Davidoff Winston Churchill Late Hour cigar’s long finish will take you into the wee hours. Long story short, trying to determine your cigar’s finish can help you develop your ability to identify a cigar’s flavors.