How the Ozgener Bosphorus Cigar Got Its Name

Old school aficionados know that Tim Ozgener is the son of Cano A. Ozgener, the founder of CAO cigars. Tim and his father developed CAO into a globally recognized brand known for its popular line of cigars such as the Odyssey and the Flathead. Eventually, the brand was acquired, and Tim left the industry. Now he’s back with a whole new company: Ozgener Family Cigars. The first release is the Bosphorus, which is named after the Bosphorus Strait a body of water in Turkey that separates Asia and Europe. The Ozgeners were originally from Turkey. The brand was created to honor the family’s Turkish roots. The cigar’s logo graphically tells the story of the Ozenger’s journey from their homeland to the United States. It features the Statue of Liberty, Mount Ararat, which is located in Turkey, and Tim’s parents. The cigar offers a smooth medium bodied smoking experience with a rich complexity of flavors. To order yours, just click Ozgener Bosphorus.
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