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While many traditional cigar brands were introducing heavier, more full-bodied cigars to appeal to long-time cigar smokers, Helix Cigars were introduced in 2002 as a counterpoint to these brands. Helix Cigars offer a mild, yet flavorful blend that appeal to the many cigar smokers who still prefer a smooth, easy-smoking cigar.

Each Helix cigar is crafted by hand with Connecticut Shade wrapper tobaccos, renowned for their mild, but distinctively flavorful character, a select binder grown in the Rich St.Andrés Tuxtla Valley of Mexico and a flavorful blend of Brazilian Mata Fina, Honduran Talanga Valley and Dominican Piloto Cubano tobaccos.

The brand was originally owned by U.S. Cigar which manufactured Helix, Astral and Don Tomas cigars in both Danli, Honduras and Santiago, Dominican Republic. Swedish Match North America, Inc. received U.S. Cigar from U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company as part of a litigation settlement. In August 2004, General Cigar Co. bought U.S. Cigar, acquiring the marketing and manufacturing of the Helix brand.

Source: www.cigarworld.com

By Luzzie Normand
Co-Founder & Editor; Neptune Cigars Inc.
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