Do you ship outside the United States?

Do you ship to destinations outside the United States?

Yes, we do ship overseas to some destinations, including APO/FPO addresses, Asia, Australia and Europe. We can ship overseas in accordance to each country's customs regulations on tobacco products. If your country does not allow tobacco to be imported from the United States then we can not service you. Please be aware of your country's conditions and regulations before you order. Your local Postal Service can supply this information. If taxes must be paid, they are the responsibility of the buyer.

All international orders are subject to verification of their authenticity to prevent credit card fraud.
You can view shipping charges on our website by adding items to your cart. On the right hand column, choose your address type (APO, FPO, Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.) to see exact shipping charges for the items on your shopping cart. 

Note: All international orders are rigorously checked and IP addresses monitored.  Any fraudulent credit card use attempt will be notified to IFCC/FBI.

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06/15/2024AnonymousWhy not ship to China