Corojo Tobacco – Hard to Get but a Special Treat to Enjoy

Prized for its golden hue, silky texture, oily appearance, and distinctive spiciness, Corojo tobacco is one of the most sought after varietals by traditional as well as contemporary cigar aficionados. However, it is also extremely susceptible to blue mold disease as well as other diseases that are known to destroy whole crops. Thereby providing a low yield, which is why most tobacco growers and cigar makers tend avoid Corojo tobacco. Luckily, a few tobacco growers, like the Eiroa family, have been able to develop special cultivation methods that allow this hard-to-get tobacco to be more readily available. If you’re a fan of Corojo tobacco or have been wanting to try it, just click Aladino Corojo ReservaAsylum 13 Corojo, or Punch Golden Era.