Cigar Oasis II instructions

How do I setup my Cigar Oasis II?

Cigar Oasis II is one of the most precise, most technologically advanced cigar humidification systems available in the world today. CIGAR OASIS II will keep your cigars at the optimum relative humidity indefinitely for your smoking pleasure. CIGAR OASIS II will keep your cigars “Always Fresh”. Just follow these few simple instructions for installing CIGAR OASIS II in your humidor or display case. Give your cigars a few days to bask in their newfound perfect environment. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your cigars.


• Remove the protective wrapping from the unit.

• With a damp cloth, wipe off any trace of green crystalline material (mold retardant) which may have shaken loose during shipment.

• Place the unit either in the middle of your case or against the back so that there can be free unobstructed flow of air through the unit. Air enters the unit just above the white filling plug and exits from the other end. Do not obstruct this flow.

• Remove the white filling plug to expose the filler opening.

• Slowly pour approximately 40 liquid ounces of pure distilled water into the filler opening. The easiest way to both measure and add water is to pour the water from a measuring cup. DO NOT USE TAP WATER.

• Replace the filler plug. Do not leave this plug off, otherwise air will flow out the opening and the unit will operate less efficiently.

• Plug the power supply into the nearest 110-volt outlet.

• Plug the power supply cable into the jack located on the black box a couple of inches away from the filler plug. The red light should turn on and the fans should start.

• Turn the gold humidity control knob so that the arrow is horizontal. This should be approximately the 70% setting.

• Close your humidor or display case and leave the unit running.

• When the red light turns off, the unit is at the control point.

• Check this setting with an accurate hygrometer. If it is not what you want, then adjust the gold control knob until the desired setting is attained, (clockwise increases humidity, counterclockwise decreases humidity). Note: Make adjustments only in small increments at a time and allow at least an hour for the hygrometer to come to its true reading. CIGAR OASIS II responds instantly to even very small changes in humidity, while most hygrometers, even the digital units, respond very slowly. If you make too large of an adjustment at one time and/or you do not wait for the hygrometer to respond, you may overcorrect your setting.

• When you believe you have the correct setting, wait several hours, recheck, and make any final adjustment. You should not have to change the setting again.

• CIGAR OASIS II is now in operation. Enjoy its benefits!!


The need for additional water is indicated if the humidity drops more than 1% or the red light stays on for long periods of time. To add water, proceed as follows:

• Remove the white filler plug.

• Using a suitable measuring cup, slowly add distilled water only until the water level is about 1/8 inch below the filler opening. DO NOT USE TAP WATER.

• Replace the filler plug. OPTIONAL AUXILIARY FANS Large display cases may require an additional auxiliary fan to eliminate humidity gradients (dry spots) in the case and provide optimum performance. To install fan proceed as follows:

• Attach the fan with double-backed tape or “Velcro” fasteners at locations which aid the flow of air from the unit and at the same time promote a circular motion of air through the display case to provide good mixing.

• Plug the fan into the jack located near the power jack (above the filler plug). If your unit was purchased initially without a fan, there may be no fan jack. In that case an adapter will be provided with any fan(s) purchased later.

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