Choosing a Lighter

Not all lighters are alike! The two most common types of lighters are the soft flame and torch. Soft flame lighters are great for lighting cigarettes, small ring gauge cigars, or cigars indoors. However, to ensure your stogie is properly lit, a torch lighter is the way to go. Why? Cigars, especially the large gauge ones, take longer to light than cigarettes. A torch lighter reduces the time it takes to light a cigar, which gives you more time to enjoy your smoke. Plus, torch lighters are wind resistant which makes it a breeze to light a cigar outdoors. When choosing a torch lighter make sure it produces a double flame, this will reduce the time it takes to light your stick. Plus, a double-flame lighter is more wind resistant than a single flame lighter. One more thing, most torch lighters use butane for fuel, which means your premium cigar’s flavor won’t get ruined by the taste or smell of gasoline. In conclusion, choose a torch lighter with a double flame and spend more time enjoying your stogie, than trying to light it. In the dark about which lighter to choose? Let us light up the path for you. Check our excellent collection of fine cigar lighters by clicking

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11/17/2023byAndrew GI prefer a single flame torch when I'm not in a windy place because it's smaller and more accurate but double is fine too and they work a little faster.