Bohekio: Haiti's First Premium Boutique Cigar

The Bohekio is Haiti’s first ever premium boutique cigar! It is produced with tobacco grown in Haiti’s rich fertile soil. Haiti is located in the Caribbean on the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Dominican Republic. In 2015, a small group of friends who loved to smoke cigars decided to grow tobacco and produce cigars in Haiti, their home country. After several years of growing tobacco and developing the ideal blend, they produced their first cigar: The Bohekio. The tobacco for this medium to full-bodied cigar is grown in the fields of Mirebalais, which is located in the Plateau Central of Haiti. The cigar has a flavorful profile with an irresistible sweetness and a warm aroma. It is named after the Cacique (Chief) of the Xaragua people, who were part of the Tainos and are considered the first inhabitants of the island. To sample the richness of Haitian tobacco, just click Bohekio.
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