Altar Q

The Altar Q cigar by Oscar Valladares pays tribute to Honduras’ rich Mayan culture. Located in Western Honduras, the Altar Q is considered the most important monument in Copán, which is a famed archaeological site, and an area known for its extraordinary tobacco. The monument was built by Yax Pac a Mayan ruler in 775 AD, and depicts Copán’s 16 rulers. Fascinated by Mayan culture and his Honduran roots, Oscar Valladares created the Altar Q as an homage to his heritage. Each cigar is wrapped in a design that represents one of the 16 rulers. The cigars are laid out in the box in the order that they appear on the altar. If you are seeking a cigar that is as rich in history as it is in flavor, your quest is over once you get your hands on an Altar Q by Oscar Valladares.

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