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At Neptune, you can submit written reviews of all items listed on our website. We encourage you to share your reviews, both favorable and unfavorable, in order to provide a useful tool that can help others who want to learn more about our cigars and other products.

Customer reviews should give genuine feedback on the product. Any review that is posted with the purpose of advertising, promoting, or misleading will be removed. Other reviews that will be removed:

- Posting multiple reviews of the same product or the same review from multiple accounts
- Posting spam and fake content or impersonating someone else
- Posting that is off-topic and not related to your experience with the product
- Posting illegal, offensive, obscene, dangerous, derogatory or explicit content

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06/15/2019AnonymousShould Neptunecigars staff monitor these reviews, a suggestion for the cigar reviews would be to add a 'value' star rating...