Boveda Humidifier 84% Seasoning Kit

Boveda Humidifier 84% Seasoning Kit
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Boveda Humidifier 84% Seasoning Kit
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Questions & Answers
DC  May i know if ship overseas?
Posted 3/10/2021   
  •  Yes, we ship to many overseas destinations.....
    Replied 3/11/2021  
  • (optional)
Anonymous  I have two identical humidors, can I use the same season pack to season both?
Posted 6/3/2020   
  •  Yes, you may! So long as the packs are still active and gel-like. You'll know when the packs are done becuase they'll feel grainy and eventually harden when you squeeze them.
    Replied 6/3/2020  
  • (optional)
Charmon Jennings  Hello,I got my 100 cigar humidor along with bovada 84% humidifiers,when I unwrap them should I tear open the package or should I leave it the way it is and just rest them in the humidor?thank you
Posted 4/20/2020   
  •  Hi Charmon. Take the Boveda out of the plastic wrap and just place the pack in your humidor. Do not tear or puncture the actual Boveda pack.
    Replied 4/21/2020  
  • Anonymous  Thank you
    Replied 4/21/2020  
  • Charmon  Thank you
    Replied 4/21/2020  
  • (optional)
Mark  What's the best thing to do if after the 2 weeks the humidity is only at 64%?
Posted 1/26/2020   
  •  First, check the accuarcy of the hygrometer. You can do this easily with the Boveda Calibration Kit or by using the Salt Test Method(visit our FAQ for instructions). If the reading is found to be accurate, you will want to see if the seal on the humidor is good. You can do this with the dollar bill test/flashlight. Email for more information.
    Replied 1/26/2020  
  • Mark  What do you mean by flashlight?
    Replied 1/26/2020  
  •  The flashlight test is an easy way to see if your humidor(non-glass top) has any noticeable leaks/gaps in the lid closure. You simply turn on a flashlight, place it inside the humidor and close the lid. If there is light spilling out, you will know that there is an issue with the seal.
    Replied 1/27/2020  
  • (optional)
Mark  Is it ok to leave your hygrometer in the humidor after placing these packs in for seasoning?
Posted 1/13/2020   
  •  Hi Mark, do you mean humidifier? You will not want to keep any other humidifiers in the humidor when seasoning with Boveda packs. You do want to keep your hygrometer in to see the humidity levels.
    Replied 1/13/2020  
  • Mark  No, I was asking if it was ok to keep your hygrometer in while seasoning?
    Replied 1/13/2020  
  •  Yes, it will be necesary to keep the hygrometer in so that you can know when the humidor is properly seaonsed.
    Replied 1/13/2020  
  • Anonymous  Ok. Should it be at 84% to be properly seasoned after 14 days?
    Replied 1/13/2020  
  •  After 14 days, the humidity should be over 70% at least. After the 14 day period, you should remove the seasoning packs and begin to add your cigars and regular humidity device.
    Replied 1/15/2020  
  • (optional)
Mike  I am getting a 50 count humidor, would I need to place 2 packets inside for 14 days?
Posted 1/4/2020   
  •  Yes, that is correct
    Replied 1/4/2020  
  • (optional)
chris muzzin  never had humidoe with this product do i just put in with the cigars then change every couple month and that is all i do?
Posted 5/14/2019   
  •  This particular pack is for seasoning. You would add the necessary quantity to your empty humidor for seasoning, close the humidor and remove the packs after 2 weeks once the seasoning process is complete. For the regular percentages(72%, etc) you just toss them in your humidor and you are good to go. It's a very convenient humidifier.
    Replied 5/14/2019  
  • (optional)
John  Should my hygrometer read 84% after the 14 day period or is it possible it may show less but still be seasoned properly?
Posted 6/14/2018   
  •  It may show less, but as long has humidity has reached the 70's the humidor will be good to go after the seasoning period.
    Replied 6/14/2018  
  • (optional)

Take the guesswork out of seasoning your new humidor. Boveda 84% RH 60g seasoning packets guarantee a complete and even equilibration of moisture without causing mold, a mustiness smell, or warping—as commonly happens when following traditional seasoning methods. Use 1 packet for every 25 cigars that your humidor can hold.  Shelf life: 2 years inside the plastic wrapping. It takes 14 days of exposure to 84% relative humidity to slowly and completely moisturize a wooden humidor. With the Boveda Seasoning Kit, you are sure to get the best results whether you are seasoning a new humidor or re-seasoning your humidor in the winter. After 14 days, replace the seasoning Boveda (84% RH) with regular Boveda 65% to 75%.

This product comes in three presentations. You can buy the single packs individually wrapped in plastic. The 12-pack refill has 12 individually wrapped large 60 gram packs of Boveda 84%. The Bulk 20-Pack brick saves you the most money as each Boveda is not individually wrapped in plastic, instead the 20 large 60 gram packs are packaged in a resealable plastic brick. The bulk pack also saves you time as there is no need to unwrap each unit. 

  • External Dimension
    5"1/2L x 3"1/4W
  • Humidifier Capacity
  • Humidifier Brand
  • Humidity Level
  • Mounting Accessory
  • Humidifier Material
  • Humidifier Maintenance Free
  • Humidifier Recommended Water
  • Humidifier Longevity
    90 Days
  • UPC
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