Wynwood Factory Fresh Rout

Wynwood Factory Fresh cigars is a revolutionary concept in the cigar world. Typically after cigars are rolled they are sent to an aging room to age for a period of 4-6 weeks. With Factory Fresh, the cigars are taken from the roller's table, packed into boxes and shipped to you on the same day. This gives you the opportunity to age the cigars according to your own taste and preference. Set your moisture level at 70% or 60% and experiment with the way you prefer your cigars to feel and taste. The cigars are fresh within 7 days of their receipt, after this date they will begin aging and their flavor profile will mellow out. Wynwood Factory Fresh Rout are a blend of 400% Ligero, 30% Pelo de Oro and 30% Habano. Freshly rolled in Miami, FL.
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